With this declaration, the Management of Soprema S.r.l. formally expresses its Policy and its commitment.

The main objective of the Integrated Management System is to guarantee the Quality of the products and services provided, the protection of the Environment, and the prevention of risks related to Health and Safety at Work, always acting in compliance with the legal, regulatory and of any other type of need, in order to obtain the full satisfaction of the needs and expectations of the Customers, of the organization and of the interested parties, in the context in which the organization operates.

Soprema S.r.l. Policy is fully aligned with the Policy and the three strategic axes of the Soprema Group:

    - People (improvement of quality of life and working conditions, skills, training)

    - Circular economy (waste management and reduction, sustainable use of resources)

    - Future Building (responsible bidding, energy efficiency strategies, carbon footprint reduction, greenhouse gas reduction)


Soprema S.r.l. also wants the organization to be recognized for:

Quality: offering the customer products that meet their needs and requirements, with constant quality and competitive prices, through a reliable service in line with its commitments.

Reliability: trust in our products, in our team, in supplies, in prescriptions, in advice, with the recognition of being a prestigious company in its sector.

Attention to the Customer: provide the necessary tools for the Customer to feel followed and accompanied, placing all the necessary resources at his disposal.

Teamwork: all staff consider themselves involved, responsible and a key part in achieving customer satisfaction. Promote teamwork, communication and relationships between company functions and areas, with adequate training, so that participation is effective and stimulates continuous improvement.

Continuous Improvement: implementing an improvement process within the organization, analyzing problems and errors, learning from them and applying the appropriate actions to improve and keep ourselves at the highest levels within the sector. Promote an improvement process through the analysis of quality indicators and the application of related actions to ensure the achievement of objectives.

Because one of the company's objectives is to improve its performance by minimizing non-conformities, the generation of waste and occupational accidents, the Management sets specific objectives, are subject to periodic evaluation and review.

The achievement of the set objectives is achieved with the correct application of the Operating Procedures established for the treatment of aspects relating to Quality, Environment, Health and Safety and at Work.

Soprema S.r.l. undertakes to implement the most suitable actions aimed at the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System, to promote innovation, excellence and to provide high added value that contributes to generating and maintaining the trust of our Customers and the interested parties.

Similarly, the awareness of all suppliers on legal and regulatory matters, Quality, Environment, Health and Safety at Work must be promoted.

The Management undertakes to provide the resources necessary to achieve the objectives and to offer the widest dissemination of the Integrated Management Policy expressed here at all levels of the organization, as well as to all internal and external interested parties who request it.

Bruno Broccanello