Soprema's commitment to sustainability

Soprema believes it is important to know the environmental impact of its products along the entire life cycle with the LCA methodology. For this purpose, it requested and obtained the EPD Certification of Synthetic membranes and the EPD of the Bituminous membranes category. The study considered the entire product life cycle.

What is the EPD

The main purpose of the EPD of construction products is the communication of complete, verifiable, exact and non-misleading information regarding the environmental aspects of construction products throughout their life.

The environmental declaration, described in the ISO 14025 standard, is voluntary and provides useful information for the design and evaluation of construction products. It is useful for making comparisons between different products when subjected to the same conditions such as, for example, in the design, construction and management phases of a building.

The path of Sustainability undertaken by Soprema means Innovating, Investing and developing the Quality of the service in compliance with the Technical and Human Values, which the group has made its own, to safeguard customers, workers and the environment.


- Encourage the recycling of end-of-life products and reduce industrial waste by promoting internal recovery

- Reduce greenhouse gas emissions, water and energy consumption 

- Analyze and monitor the impacts along the life cycle of the products

- Improve working conditions on site by reducing the weight of the rolls, eliminating the use of flames and reducing the use of solvents

To identify products and services consistent with the commitment to sustainable development, Soprema has created the Eco Struction brand.


EPD certification of FLAGON PVC and FLAGON TPO products. The study considered the entire product life cycle.


EPD certification of Bituminous membranes. The study considered the entire product life cycle.