Synthetic membrane in PVC-P to line the inside of pools.


SOPREMAPOOL FEELING is a synthetic membrane in PVC-P for the internal lining of swimming pools, reinforced with polyester mesh, nominal thickness 1.5 mm with an embossed non-slip surface and with interlayer painting. Synthetic surface obtained by spreading in accordance with the European standard EN 15836-2 (2010). SOPREMAPOOL FEELING has been subjected to the slip resistance test in accordance with the European standard EN 13451-1 (according to EN 15836-2 annex B) and DIN 51097 (1992).

• Newly built or existing swimming pools;
• On concrete, cement, masonry, prefabricated steel panels;
• On non-compatible substrates (resins, polystyrene panels, etc.), arrange for the positioning of the special Soprema separation geotextile;
• The temperature of the pool water must never exceed 32°C.

The welding of the SOPREMAPOOL FEELING membrane must be carried out using a Leister-type hot air gun. For correct welding, the edges to be welded must be clean and dry.

To clean the SOPREMAPOOL FEELING membrane, do not use aggressive products which could cause damage to the membrane. It is advisable to proceed initially with the use of a soapy water solution, avoiding abrasive products.
Correct water treatment must be guaranteed for the entire useful life of the Sopremapool membrane.

The SOPREMAPOOL FEELING membrane is delivered in rolls, placed on wooden pallets, protected, separated and wrapped externally with polyethylene sheets. The rolls must be stored horizontally in their original packaging, in a dry and temperate place (10-30°C). The rolls must be protected from humidity and atmospheric agents (sun, rain, etc.)

Sand, White, Light Blue, Medium Grey, Basalt Grey.
For the updated list, consult the SOPREMAPOOL brochure.

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