BPE Elastomeric polymer-modified bitumen membrane (-20°C) with non-woven continuous filament reinforcement with high dimensional stability, stabilised with glass fibre. Membrane with No-Fire Broof classification (t2), (t3), (t4)*. INNOVA Line.


NOVA E is a waterproofing membrane with waterproofing mass composition classified as BPE (Elastomeric Polymer Bitumen) according to Standard UNI 8818, comprised of:
• distilled bitumen modified with thermoplastic synthetic rubber elastomers with a radial configuration, which, due to the intrinsic and intimate homogeneity and stability achieved by the polymers used, gives the product reversible plastic deformation, thus recovering its initial dimensions within a variable time. The waterproofing mass is also characterised by very high cold flexibility, elongation and total springback, excellent fatigue strength and long-term performance.
• composite non-woven heavy-weight CONTINUOUS FILAMENT polyester reinforcement, stabilised with glass fibre for high dimensional stability.
The membrane is the non-self-protected type with a non-stick outer surface, and inner surface with hot-melt polyolefin adhesive film.
NOVA E has obtained Broof t2, t3, t4 classification for resistance to external fire exposure in special systems pursuant to UNI CEN TS 1187 and EN 13501-5

The membrane's high mechanical strength and cold flexibility, combined with high resistance to weathering, allows its application as a layer of the continuous roofing sealing element in multi-layer ballasted systems, or as an underlay in exposed multi-layer systems, bonded to compatible membranes.
The membrane is suitable for waterproofing roofs in general, parking slabs, pavements, walls, tanks, horizontal and vertical underground structures (to prevent water from rising up from the ground or between sections of the structure) and in all situations where a water barrier is required.
The membrane is particularly suitable in cases requiring a high capacity to absorb considerable structural strain (metal roofing, tensile structures, etc.). Its characteristics make it suitable for all climates, even in particularly cold outdoor temperature conditions. It is not suitable for use on green roofs.


The membrane’s thermoplastic properties allow it to be regularly applied by torch or with a hot air generator, and in special situations, using compatible bituminous adhesives or by mechanical fixing. Due to its high adhesion, it can be applied to any type of substrate including: cement, brick, sheet metal, wood, all types of insulation panels, and other compatible membranes.

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