BPP Polymer-modified bitumen membrane (-30°C) with 3-ply non-woven continuous filament reinforcement with high dimensional stability, stabilised with glass fibre. High-reflectance membrane. Broof (t2) (t3) (t4) fire exposure classification. High hail resistance. INNOVA Line.


NOVA E-30 REFLECTA a waterproofing membrane with waterproofing mass composition classified as BPP (Plastomeric Polymer Bitumen) according to Standard UNI 8818, comprised of:
• distilled bitumen modified with a zirconocene-derived elastoplastomeric polyolefin alloy with high homogeneity and thermodynamic stability, which, due to the intrinsic thermal inertia expressed by the morphology of the polymers used, gives the product high elasticity, excellent cold flexibility, thermal stability and resistance to natural oxidative degradation; indispensable properties to guarantee high performance including: high adhesion to the laying surface, resistance to UV rays, impact and hail, long-term performance.
• 3-ply non-woven heavy-weight CONTINUOUS FILAMENT polyester reinforcement with isotropic properties, stabilised with glass fibre for very high dimensional stability, high resistance to puncture, static and dynamic loads.
A special feature is the coating on the top side in special white slate chips with high solar reflectance (SR 0.699 / SRI 84.8%). The high reflective properties combined with high emissivity (E 0.911) allow less heat absorption during the day on the roof where the membrane is installed, and the subsequent transmission and emission of this thermal energy in the infrared range. This means a lower operating temperature for the membrane, and therefore a lower temperature in the rooms below the roof, leading to benefits in terms of energy savings and the longer service life of the membrane. Moreover, the edges of the top side are without self-protection and are coated with a hot-melt polyolefin adhesive film to facilitate overlay welding. The bottom side is finished standard with a hot-melt polyolefin adhesive film; for specific applications on a continuous coating of Sopracolle Liquid bituminous adhesive, on request it can be produced with a TexFace non-woven black polypropylene lining. NOVA E-30 REFLECTA has obtained  Broof t2, t3, t4 classification for resistance to external fire exposure in special systems pursuant to UNI CEN TS 1187 and EN 13501-5. The membrane has high hail resistance on rigid substrates according to UNI EN 13583:2012, confirmed by test report no. 379098 issued by Ist. Giordano S.p.A.

The membrane's very high mechanical strength and cold flexibility, combined with high resistance to weathering, allows its application as an exposed finishing layer of the continuous roofing sealing element in multi-layer systems, bonded to compatible membranes. It can also
be applied as an exposed single layer for refurbishing works on the sealing element in polymer-modified bitumen membranes. For specific solutions, it can be applied as a single layer on a continuous coating of Sopracol Liquid bituminous adhesive (for more information contact
Soprema technical support - The membrane is suitable for waterproofing roofs in general, roofing systems that need to satisfy specific requirements for resistance to external fire exposure, and all situations where a water barrier is required: its characteristics make it suitable for all climates. It is not suitable for use on green roofs. The high reflectance also ensures the highest possible yield of any installed PV systems thanks to the low operating temperature and increased radiance of the roof’s extrados.


The membrane’s thermoplastic properties allow it to be regularly applied by torch or with a hot air generator, and in special situations, using compatible bituminous adhesives or by mechanical fixing. Due to its high adhesion, it can be applied to any type of substrate including: cement, brick, sheet metal, wood, all types of insulation panels, and other compatible membranes.

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