BPE self-adhesive elastomeric polymer-modified bitumen membrane (-25°C) self-protected with slate chips, with non-woven polyester reinforcement and stabilised with glass fibre, bonded to aluminium foil. Vapour Barrier Certification.


Bitumen membrane, self-adhesive on the bottom side for torchless uses, with waterproofing mass classified as BPE in accordance with standard UNI 8818 in distilled bitumen modified with thermoplastic elastomers (SBS, SIS and special resins), which make it highly adhesive, self-sealing and highly elastic. The internal reinforcement is comprised of non-woven polyester geotextile stabilised with glass fibre. The internal reinforcement of the ALU version is also bonded to Aluminium foil making it absolutely impermeable to the passage of aqueous vapour.
The top side of NOVA-SK and NOVA-SK ALU is lined with Texface, a non-woven polypropylene geotextile. All the membranes have a self-adhesive edge on the top side covered with a detachable non-adhesive film, and detachable film with one-sided silicone coating on the bottom side.
Product with CE marking compliant with standards EN 13707, EN 13969, EN 13970, EN 13859-1.

Cold flexibility: ≤ -25 °C (EN 1109)

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