Easy Flashing

Multipurpose thixotropic bituminous waterproof coating with high adhesion.


EASY FLASHING is a waterproof coating characterised by its exceptional adhesion and high flexibility even at low temperatures. It can be applied with or without special reinforcement in non-woven fabric.

- as a waterproof liquid membrane in cases where the application of polymer-modified bitumen membranes and use of a torch is difficult, both vertically and horizontally, and in cases where it is important to exploit its high adhesive properties.
- suitable for waterproofing foundation retaining walls.
- For bonding insulation panels.
- For rapid localised repairs.
- To repair the waterproofing of balconies and terraces without demolishing the old flooring.
- Diluted to 50%, it can be used as a primer with anti-dust properties.
- High adhesion on the following surfaces:
- polymer-modified bitumen or slate-protected membrane
- concrete
- various types of metal surfaces (pipes, gutters, metal cladding)
- fibre cement
- plasterboard
- wood
- ceramic flooring
- glass
- Non-toxic, solvent-free product
- Offers high shape stability when hot, does not crack at low temperatures


It is recommended to apply the product at an ambient temperature of minimum +5° C and when fog, rain and frost are not forecast, in any case avoiding hot and cold extremes.

Preparation of substrate
Before applying the product, check that any inconsistent, brittle or non-adherent parts are removed, as well as paint, rust, dust and release oils, then thoroughly clean the surfaces, which must be solid and dry.  The efficiency of water runoff must be checked (slopes, positioning and size of drains). It can also be applied on damp surfaces, provided there is no water stagnation.

Thoroughly homogenise the mixture before use.

EASY FLASHING can be applied by roller, brush, spray, spatula or notched squeegee.  It is normally applied in two coats. To facilitate application on large surfaces, it is recommended to dilute to a maximum of 10% water. Apply the second coat fresh-on-fresh if the first one has been reinforced, otherwise after the first coat has completely dried, after 24-48 hours, depending on the ambient conditions and porosity of the substrate.


Weight/Colour/No. Pck.
310 ml / Black / 24 cartridges per box
1 kg / Black / 18 packs per box
5 kg / Black / 100 packs per pallet
10 kg / Black / 55 packs per pallet
20 kg / Black / 33 packs per pallet


EASY FLASHING is a product with CE EN 1504 marking

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