Bituminous resin that protects against root penetration.


ALSAN  FLASHING  JARDIN  is a single-component bituminous polyurethane waterproofing resin that is ready to use. ALSAN  FLASHING  JARDIN  has root-inhibiting agents that prevent roots from penetrating the waterproofing system.
 is used for underground waterproofing, in particular for planters, underground walls, and roof gardens above ground level. See the Installation Regulations or Technical Recommendations in force.


Average consumption: 1.6 kg/m2 - 1 layer of 900 g/m2 - 1 layer of 700 g/m2.


FLASHING JARDIN is a ready-to-use solution that simply needs to be homogenised before application. It is installed without a primer using a roller or large brush depending on the instructions of the Installation Regulations currently in force, on a clean and dry substrate. The FLASHING JARDIN system consists of 3 simple application steps: - preparation of substrate - installation of VOILE FLASHING, bonded in the corner with FLASHING JARDIN (500 g/m2) - application of two coats of FLASHING JARDIN (900 g/m2 + 700 g/m2) FLASHING can be left exposed because it is UV-resistant. In any case, for exposed applications, slate chips can be applied in the exact same colour as the horizontal surface. Curing is very fast (from 2 to 5 hours per coat depending on the weather conditions) allowing exposure to rainwater immediately after the installation of the VOILE FLASHING.


5 kg cans – EAN 13: 3434550103572 60 cans per pallet 15 kg cans – EAN 13: 3434550105651 30 cans per pallet Storage: 6 months with cans overturned, at a temperature between +5°C and *35°C Colour: black


The ALSAN FLASHING JARDIN liquid waterproofing system has the CE marking, guaranteed by
FLASHING JARDIN complies with the European VOC Regulation.CUAP 04.20-20:2007

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