Aluminium resin paint with high opacity and reflection.


VERNICE ALLUMINIO is a special bituminous aluminium paint with high opacity and reflection characterised by a high adhesion coefficient on all bituminous surfaces.

VERNICE ALLUMINIO is ideally suited as a protective paint for non-self-protective polymer-modified bitumen membranes. It is well known that black attracts the sun’s rays more than any other colour, which is why a bituminous waterproofing, given its colour, is bound to absorb very high temperatures. These high temperatures, in addition to creating discomfort in the rooms below, also subject the waterproofing membrane to considerable physical stress, which, combined with the harmful action of UV rays, also reduces its durability.
VERNICE ALLUMINIO, through its excellent capacity to reflect the sun’s rays, guarantees the long life of the waterproofing, reducing the temperatures in the rooms below and improving the visual appeal thanks to its colour. Do not apply in closed rooms, but only in places with good ventilation.


The high opacity of VERNICE ALLUMINIO allows application of a single coat only, with a product consumption of 0.100-0.150 kg/m².


VERNICE ALLUMINIO is applied on clean (also by means of a high-pressure cleaner) and perfectly dry substrates.
For best results, it is recommended to apply VERNICE ALLUMINIO on sufficiently cured bituminous surfaces, specifically:
- 1 month on hot-applied membranes and products;
- 2/3 months on cold-applied bituminous products.
VERNICE ALLUMINIO, well mixed, is ready to use and is applied by spray or roller, taking care to roll lightly and always in the same direction. The considerable aluminium content of VERNICE ALLUMINIO tends to settle over time, therefore the product should be mixed well before use in order that the aluminium flakes are evenly distributed in the resin, bitumen and solvent solution, thus eliminating the deposits at the bottom of the can.
The duration of the VERNICE ALLUMINIO coat is never the same as the waterproofing, therefore it must be regularly maintained. The duration of the metallisation greatly depends on the exposure and slope of the roof, the presence of insulating materials, the aggressiveness of industrial atmospheres and differing climatic conditions.
An additional coat of VERNICE ALLUMINIO is required every three years on average for maintenance.  The dry film is insoluble in water and soluble in solvents, oils and grease. Do not apply on damp or wet substrates.
To clean the tools, we recommend using the most common solvents such as white spirit or trichlorethylene.


Net content/Weight/Colour/No. Pck.
4500 ml / 5 kg / Aluminium / 100 packs per pallet
16.45 L / 18 kg / Aluminium / 44 packs per pallet

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