The SOPREMAPOOL PREMIUM line consists of several colors of 1.5 mm reinforced membranes for pool lining.

SOPREMAPOOL PREMIUM PVC membranes are obtained by coating, reinforced with polyester and made up of four layers of different formulations that waterproof, protect and decorate the pool.

The SOPREMAPOOL PREMIUM line boasts the application of a special acrylic paint between the 4 layers of the membrane, to ensure better resistance to colour, chlorine, stains and microorganisms.

In addition, the lacquered finish ensures superior protection against UV rays.

All models are available with a non-slip finish* (SOPREMAPOOL GRIP), which is useful for certain areas of the pool, such as stairs. SOPREMAPOOL GRIP maintains the same physical-mechanical characteristics as SOPREMAPOOL PREMIUM.

The advantages

+ Flexible

+ Smooth finish 

+ Infralayer painting

+ Lacquered finish

+ Huge choice of colors