APP Polymer-modified bitumen membrane (-15°C) with non-woven heavy-weight continuous filament polyester reinforcement stabilised with glass fibre. Certified Membrane for Bridge Decks.  


NOVAPONTI is a waterproofing bitumen membrane internally reinforced with non-woven heavy-weight continuous filament polyester. It is certified for waterproofing bridge decks and other trafficked areas of concrete. Its excellent mechanical properties and cold flexibility combined with high weather resistance allow the membrane to be used as a single layer or top layer in multi-layer waterproofing systems (coupled with compatible membranes) on bridges, viaducts and car parks. It is not suitable for use on green roofs. This membrane allows hot-on-hot asphalt laying directly on the surface. For more information regarding installation, please contact the CIVILROCK technical department ( Application is generally hot-on-hot by tempering the waterproofing mass with a propane gas flame, or with a hot air generator.  When used on bridges and viaducts, the laying surface must be pre-treated with RAPID PRIMER.

• Compatible with bituminous materials and specific accessories
• High resistance to weathering and UV rays
• High mechanical strength
• High puncture resistance
•   High resistance to compaction with asphalt layers 

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