Waterproofing bituminous protective paint.


The PRIMER is a fluid bituminous paint made from special oxidised bitumen and selected, non-recovered solvents. The PRIMER sets with the evaporation of the solvent, leaving an impermeable film that doesn’t drip at high temperatures, and isn’t brittle at low temperatures.

The Soprema PRIMER is used to saturate the porosity of cement which will then be waterproofed with bitumen membranes in rolls, water- and solvent-based liquid bitumen membranes, hot bitumen layers, solvent-based asphalts.
- It fixes surface dustiness and allows excellent adhesion of the subsequent layers. Indispensable for treating elevations, perimeter strips and vertical walls. For semi-independent waterproofing, before the application of perforated sheets.
- For fully adherent waterproofing membranes that require strong and permanent adhesion.
The Soprema PRIMER is made in a fluid formula for greater penetration in the cement substrate and to facilitate application, with the possibility to be sprayed on.


Consumption depends on the nature of the substrate and its absorption. Indicatively 0.250-0.300 kg/m² (on cement-based surfaces).


Net content / Weight / Colour / No.Pck.
4,000 ml / 4.3 kg / Black / 120 packs per pallet
9,000 ml / 9.4 kg / Black / 55 packs per pallet
18 L / 18.5 kg / Black / 44 packs per pallet

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