Bituminous paint made from oxidised bitumen and technical solvents.


PRIMER BASE is a bituminous solution made from bitumen and selected organic solvents. The product is fast-drying, ensures excellent penetration and adhesion to the substrate, and once applied, is not sticky on the surface.

PRIMER BASE is used:
- as a primer coat to block dustiness and porosity on flat and sloping concrete surfaces, allowing the subsequent rapid application of the polymer-modified bitumen membrane, either hot-bonded with a torch or cold-bonded with bituminous adhesives.
- as a waterproofing paint on concrete foundation walls; as a consolidating fixative primer for cement, wood, and metal surfaces; for the protection and waterproofing of exposed and in-ground metal surfaces.


PRIMER BASE consumption is 0.250-0.300 kg/m² on average, depending on the absorption of the substrate.


Net content / Weight / Colour / No.Pck.
9000 ml / 9.4 kg / Black / 55 packs per pallet
18 L / 18.55 kg / Black / 44 packs per pallet

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