civil engineering


The Soprema Division Civil Engineering offers a wide range of waterproofing solutions for the various civil engineering works with three different lines of complementary products:

  • Bituminous waterproofing.
  • Synthetic waterproofing (PVC-P and TPO).
  • Liquid waterproofing.

To meet the specific needs of the sector, Soprema has created the Civil Engineering range which offers products specifically designed to provide technical solutions for all civil engineering works:

  • Bridges and car parks.
  • Tunnels, underground structures.
  • Hydraulic works.

Civil Engineering therefore brings together all those activities related to high engineering works, underground works and basins. This opens up a new possibility of offering a more complete range that is better suited to the demands of clients, project managers and specialized installation companies. With the different types of products offered, Civil Engineering Soprema offers waterproofing solutions suitable for almost all built structures.

The Civil Engineering Division offers two main ranges of products for underground works: 

- Bituminous membranes.

- Synthetic membranes.



The range of products for road maintenance includes: reinforcements, joints, products for filling cracks, repairs and painting for flooring.


Agriculture, industry or leisure, there are many and all kinds of requirements in terms of storage of liquid substances that modern society has: drinking water, salt water, liquids with the presence of chemicals etc.

It is essential to waterproof these works so that their operation is guaranteed, avoiding the dispersion of liquids in the ground and ensuring their durability.



High-level road and railway engineering works, as well as buildings intended for parking (excluding those built on the roofs of buildings with other intended uses), are subjected to particularly heavy stresses due to loading/unloading cycles and their relative frequency.


Specific machines and tools developed to facilitate the installation of bituminous waterproofing membranes and other types of products.


The Soprema cementitious geocomposite for erosion control and temporary or permanent protection.

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